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University MIS

UMS is a complete education ERP software solution for universities

University Management Information System

UMS is a complete education ERP software solution for universities and colleges to streamline and automate their activities. This university management system software is designed specifically for all kinds of small and large universities and colleges. This system supports universities to build, manage, and extend their digital campus. It enables individuals, systems, and communities to interact seamlessly across campus in an environment which is efficient and gives adequate service delivery and personalized educational experiences. With an UMIS ERP system you gain a community where students get the services they demand, faculty facilitate teaching, and departmental staff have the information and support to be more effective. UMS can work efficiently either as a university management system or a college management system.

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University Management Information System has verities service within, which is suited for a University, like HR, Finance, Procurement, Receptions, Assets, Students, Exams, Reports for all operations (Daily ,Monthly ,Yearly)base , Attendance, Departments, Taxes and some other key module and functionalities’ are in. Developed latest technologies, which currently using in world.