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Darrak GPS Tracking Platform Benefits
on 01/15/2020,  07:17

Millions of dollars are lost every year due to the theft of cargo, vehicles, trailers, etc. The Darrak fleet management software can play a major role in preventing both vehicle and cargo theft, as well as aiding in recovery. Accurately record arrival and departure times at customer locations. Usually, fleet tracking is the only data you need to resolve customer billing disputes. A GPS fleet tracking system not only helps in the detection of theft or unauthorized usage and in the recovery of stolen vehicles and cargo, but it may also qualify you for discounts on insurance premiums. Many providers offer rate reductions between 5% and 12% for vehicles equipped with GPS devices. Contact your insurance provider for more information. Use fleet tracking to analyze service-call duration and identify situations where unproductive time is being spent. Optimize routes relative to current traffic and weather conditions. Reduce speeding, idling, and unauthorized usage with GPS fleet tracking. Use vehicle-specific reporting to incentivize driving habits that improve fuel efficiency. Using GPS tracking units, monitor all vehicle activity in terms of location and time. Use the Darrak fleet tracking and management system to identify and reduce unauthorized usage. Following a scheduled maintenance plan is the key to lowering fleet maintenance and repair costs. The Darrak fleet tracking system allows maintenance to be scheduled by a variety of criteria: miles driven, operating hours, time elapsed, etc. When maintenance is due, a report indicating the required action is generated. Using a well-managed scheduled maintenance plan, expect to cut M&R costs by up to 10%.