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Darrak, GPS tracking and Software Compnay.

Fleet Management Software and Telematics

This easy-to-use online GPS fleet tracking and management software is accessible from anywhere, at any time. View real-time fleet positions and historical fleet activity with easy-to-use lists and satellite/map imagery.

  • Configurable alerts for instantaneous notification of exceptional conditions
  • A variety of reports for detailed and summary fleet information
  • Dashboard of the entire fleet

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Darrak GPS Traking Platform Benefits


Track and manage any object in real time on your PC or phone. This includes: cars, buses, motorcycles, services, deliveries, heavy-duty trucks, taxis, cargo, construction equipment, etc.

Fleet Tracking Security

Millions of dollars are lost every year due to the theft of cargo, vehicles, trailers, etc. The Darrak fleet management software can play a major role in preventing both vehicle and cargo theft.

Resolve Billing Disputes

Accurately record arrival and departure times at customer locations. Usually, fleet tracking is the only data you need to resolve customer billing disputes.

Lower Insurance Costs

A GPS fleet tracking system not only helps in the detection of theft or unauthorized usage and in the recovery of stolen vehicles and cargo, but it may also qualify you for discounts on insurance premiums.

Increase Fleet Efficiency

Use fleet tracking to analyze service-call duration and identify situations where unproductive time is being spent. Optimize routes relative to current traffic and weather conditions.

Reduce Fuel Costs and Liability

Reduce speeding, idling, and unauthorized usage with GPS fleet tracking. Use vehicle-specific reporting to incentivize driving habits that improve fuel efficiency.

Reduce/Prevent Unauthorized Usage

Using GPS tracking units, monitor all vehicle activity in terms of location and time. Use the Darrak fleet tracking and management system to identify and reduce unauthorized usage.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The Darrak fleet tracking system allows maintenance to be scheduled by a variety of criteria: miles driven, operating hours, time elapsed, etc. which will expect to cut M&R costs by up to 10%.

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Manage your fleet on the move with the Darrak GPS

The Darrak GPS is a version of our web-based fleet management software, but specially designed for smartphones or tablets and available in the iOS and Android app stores. The Darrak GPS is easy to use, intuitive, and uncluttered. Darrak also provides a browser-based website optimized for hand-held viewing. Put the right information in the right hands with the Darrak GPS for mission-critical business management.

Manage multiple users, permissions, etc., with our flexible user-hierarchy management features

We understand that your business is complex and may comprise different users with different information access requirements. You may need to restrict a user’s access to a set of vehicles or to specific time periods, or limit a user by functionality. You may also want to have a corporate-wide view to your fleet’s reporting and alerting while maintaining a diverse user base. Darrak fleet management solutions provide tremendous flexibility for administrators in managing the user-base within a complex, geographically distributed business context consisting of multiple departments, access rules, etc.

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Scheduled maintenance, remote diagnostics, and incident details – powerful features for better decision making

Customize scheduled maintenance plans (mileage, operating hours, or time lapse) for each vehicle in your fleet. Periodically generated reports indicate vehicles requiring maintenance. Remotely determine fault codes and other triggered error conditions, and get detailed vehicle operation data pertaining to potential incidents/accidents with our fleet management software.

Monitor Driver activity data using the iButton/RFID

If your GPS tracker supports iButton/RFID, you can monitor more information about the driver with our fleet tracking:

  • Assign/reassign drivers to vehicles automatically
  • View vehicle data (speeding, hard braking, idling, etc.) within the context for the driver
  • Authorize drivers to specific vehicles
  • Use driver logon/logoff as timecard for driver payroll
  • Create driver logs for DOT reporting

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Communicate with drivers and capture field data using the Mobile GPS Tracker app

With our online fleet tracking & management Mobile GPS Tracker app you can do the following:

  • Send messages for a specific driver
  • Assign jobs/tasks to specific drivers
  • See status of jobs/tasks in real-time
  • Design and deploy field-data capture forms