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Innovative GPS Fleet Tracking System Features

Darrak is the only GPS fleet tracking system that offers a rich set of vehicle tracking and mobile app

Real-Time Tracking

Track the location of your objects (Vehicles, Person, Mobiles, Bikes and etc.) online in real time. Choose from the following:  Google, Satellites, OSM and etc. View additional information about the tracking objects: Speed, Exact Address, Petrol Consumption, Travel History. The Real-time GPS tracker is a handy tool for parents these days because they need to figure out their children’s activities, whereabouts and everything that they are doing outside the house. One as a parent cannot keep their watch on their kids constantly, and that is why you need specific tools to maintain a watch on the target devices.


Get instant alerts about your tracking objects, know when the object enters or exits geo-zone, get notification when it is over speed and stopovers. Get SOS alarms if it has been stolen, you will get notification when engine is turned on/off. Get notifications to your IPhone, Android or Windows devices, via e-mails, mobile Apps or SMS. Tracking a person, vehicle, mobile or any other important object has never been so easy. Feel safe about your family or manage your business with effective and useful features. With GPS software you can get the most relevant notifications about your vehicle.

POI & Tools

(POI) tool you can add markers at the locations, such as: gas station, a hotel, a restaurant and so on. You can name the place, add description too, in addition you can use tools for calculating distances between places on the map as well. POI & Tools, in the other words Points of Interest feature - perfect tool for adding markers at the locations that needs to be reached. It may include places, such as delivery points in the cases of fleet management, restaurants, hotels, gas stations or most visited places for personal use. Measuring the distance between one or other point on the map, is one more feature the POI provides.


Fuel Savings

Easily check tank fuel level and fuel consumption along the route in real time. Aggressive driving rapid acceleration, speeding and braking, directly influencing fuel consumption. It is a fact that improving driving behavior can cut fuel costs significantly (by 5% to 15%). Moreover, fuel consumption control is a great preventive measure against fraud. The profitability of your business can be affected by fuel cost and with constant fluctuations in gas prices it’s important to keep an eye on factors that affect fuel consumption.



History and Reports

Download and review reports in different formats (XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT). Reports include various information such as (Driving hours, Stopovers, Distance Traveled, Fuel Consumption and many more). GPS units these days do more than just show you where someone or something is. Today, you can also start checking travel history with GPS’s help, meaning you can keep track of where the subject you’re monitoring has been before. For instance, your teenager is where he is supposed to be, but that does not mean he hasn’t been breaching rules beforehand.


Geofencing feature allows to set up geographic boundaries around areas that have specific interest for you. Receive automatic alerts when the object enters or leaves the specific marked boundaries.The GPS tracking geofencing feature allows business managers and dispatchers to create location-based areas known as “fences” that can identify when an asset is inside or outside certain geographic boundaries. Our vehicle tracking systems then keep a record of this information for later review. you'll be able to see exactly when and where it happened by text or email.




Choose our verified accessories and sensors such as drivers notification, camera, microphone, battery sensor, ACC ON/OFF, door ON/OFF, engine ON/OFF, fuel tank sensor, GSM sensor, odometer sensor, satellites sensor, tachometer, temperature sensor and so on. Regardless of what you're actually using your GPS for, it will quickly become clear that this is an investment that is more than worth making. Whether you're a fleet manager trying to unlock efficiency and safety improvements for your drivers, are trying to keep a better eye on your young driver.


Mobile Apps

Download one of our mobile GPS tracking apps. Transform your mobile (iPhone, Android) into GPS tracker and track it online in real time. Or choose Darrak GPS app and access all software features on your smartphone.

  • Real Time Tracking
  • History and Reports
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Geo-fencing
  • Fuel Savings
  • Sensors
  • Points of Interest
  • Optional accessories



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