GPS Tracking Solution

GPS Tracking Solutions

Darrak is one of the best and largest Tracking Solution in Afghanistan, using this new and modern technology you can track vehicles, children, people with intellectual’s disabilities and even your smartphone.Darrak company provides three types of GPS tracking solution with different functionalities and capabilities which includes (Preventing Theft, Real Time Tracking, History, Reports, Geofencing, Notifications, Engine on and Engine off). Using Darrak Applications (Darrak GPS and Darrak Tracker) which is in play store and app store, you can track your vehicles, family and mobiles. In addition, if you find better Innovative Tracking Software price, lower car GPS price or lower GPS software price, with those all Features and All Android an iOS Application please contact us.  Darrak promise, to give the best deal for you. The best vehicle tracking software and system price on the Afghanistan market is guaranteed with High level Security and Safety.  Darrak is a private IT solutions provider firm based in Afghanistan. Darrak is registered with (Afghanistan Government) under the license number of (121553).


Darrak is the Largest Tracking Solution in Afghanistan presents Vehicle GPS tracking, family tracking or even mobile tracking while using Android, Apple (iOS). Our high-quality and technologically well prepared  tracking apps are divided into 3 different categories, each providing diverse functions and capabilities.  provides several the same features such as: real-time tracking, history and reports (of your tracking object), geofence notifications that can all sent SOS or simple reports to smart phone, computer or tablet. Mobile phone tracking app - is one of the most easy to use application for GPS Tracking that can help to see your following family members, vehicles or any other important things. Cell phone tracking - is one more important ability that all previously mentioned Tracking apps are capable to do while being used together with a certain GPS Tracker. Darrak Tracker  together with cell phone tracking software and Tracer can surely help to find a phone in the case of theft. A cell phone tracker app can be downloaded for an attractive price. Get Mobile Tracking app together with Darrak software and enjoy smartphone tracking as well as other objects tracking. Want to know all features, our apps provides? Check each app separately and decide which suits you best.

Use all Darrak software features on you mobile easily

  • Real Time Tracking
  • History
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Geofencing
  • Fuel Savings
  • Sensors
  • Points of Interest
  • Optional accessories
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